I read Androcide at the request of the author, Erec Stebbins. It’s book #5 of his Intel 1 Series. It is brilliant, philosophical, well thought out, and well-written. It will take you from biomedical terror to the politics of big city law enforcement, and from covert ops in Iran to the White House, and on to the ugliness of our presidential elections. Then there is a serial killer who insists he is only doing experiments.
The story opens when Jack Reaper, a convicted rapist just released from prison, attempts to rape a prostitute. His body appears to have been badly beaten. How did she get to be so strong? There is a serial killer targeting men. Was Jack the first victim?

Through his characters, Stebbins, a bio-medical researcher, examines the pros and cons of multiple current issues, such as immigration, birth control rights along with the sharing of responsibility by men for birth control, as well as crude behavior of some politicians. He provides serious food for thought on these and other issues.

This is a book that anyone who loves a good mystery or thriller must read. Normally, I prefer to read serial novels in order, but each one in this series stands alone. So my not having read the first four books was no problem. For those of you who prefer to read serial books in order, I’ve added the links for books one through four below.

What Makes This Reviewer Grumpy?

  • Incorrect public health information: rosacea does not leave scars;
  • misplacement of the word “only“ within sentences;
  • beginning sentences with conjunctions “and” and “but”;
  • missing commas,
  • confusing further and father (they are not interchangeable).

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