Drawer #7

Martial Arts Grandmaster and author, Jeff Wade, has produced a compelling novel, Drawer #7, that is at once thriller, sci-fi, and a peep into the worlds of human trafficking and psychology/mental illness. It also leads us to examine ourselves through a character who believes he is a devout Christian,  while behaving in a way that would repel most people whether religious or not. I am still saying, “Wow!” about Drawer #7.


Freddie “The Fixer” Schaeffer is a local handyman/ repairman. Julie, a.k.a., Zoe, bolts into his life when she runs from traffickers and into the street in front of his van, which strikes her. Julie is a docile, childlike poet with only a rudimentary grasp of the English language. Her alter ego, Zoe is strong, outspoken, well-spoken, and trained in martial arts.


In the first chapter, I wasn’t sure if I would enjoy Drawer #7. In chapter two I was hooked. I’m so glad I decided to keep reading.


Freddie’s life is changed forever after rescuing Julie. Zoe shows him (and the reader) some of the experiments being conducted by military personnel who are allowed too much power in the fictitious (I hope) Department of Scientific Alternatives (D-Salt). Together Zoe and Freddie wipe out a criminal gang, and help a man who wants out of a life of crime.


As writers often do, they allow their characters or narrators to voice the authors’ opinions. One of Wade’s characters realizes the “terrorist” he just killed on the orders of his covert operations unit, is actually a journalist who was getting too close to discovering the activities of D-SAlt. He then notes that 

“…newspapers these days served more to influence than to inform. Even giving them the benefit of the doubt when it came to honesty, what the news left out was as influential as what it chose to report.”


This book is a gripping read that will hold your attention to the very end. The surprising end.


What Make This Reviewer Grumpy?


The usual things:

  • Using the word “further” in place of “farther” – a common mistake, but they are not interchangeable. Further refers to more of something, while farther refers to distance;
  • Misplacement of the word “only” within sentences;
  • Beginning sentences with conjunctions “and” and “but”;
  • Split infinitives.

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