Catherine Coulter, has written a winner in Enigma, the 21st book in her FBI series. I couldn’t put it down. It’s a scientific thriller and mystery for the 21st century. There were two story-lines that I thought would connect at the end. They did not.

There were international criminals involved in the Salvadoran drug cartel, money laundering, and a prison break. Then there was a misguided physician who used unsuspecting human subjects in his efforts to create the modern version of a fountain of youth, both to keep his aging father alive, and, of course, to make money. FBI special agents had to race against the clock to catch the criminals, to solve the enigma, and to rescue a kidnapped infant.

In addition to showing the stressful work of law enforcement officials, Coulter, through the voice of her “mad scientist” delivers her opinion of how the FDA allows people to make claims about magical herbs, and to use pseudoscience to make claims of cures for all sorts of diseases. If you enjoy a good thriller and a good mystery, Enigma is one book you won’t want to miss.

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