Every Last Breath

I read the ARC of Every Last Breath, by Juno Rusdan, at the invitation of the publisher through NetGalley. The action starts immediately, and never stops. Book One in the Final Hour Series, this is a story of the protections we get from people in public service who risk their lives daily to protect our rights to live in freedom, safety, and peace. It is a reminder of the evil in the world. It is also a beautiful love story set against the struggle between good and evil.

Aleksander has an axe to grind with the United States. Maddox Kinkade is a member of a covert op of the CIA tasked with subverting the sale of a bioweapon that contains a hybridized drug-resistant form of the smallpox virus. Nikolai Reznikov (aka, Cole Matthews) is loyal to the U.S., but has been targeted for assassination by the Russians.

Maddox and Cole are former lovers. She thinks he is dead, and when she is tasked with extracting the target of an assassination, she is devastated to learn that target is Cole — he is still alive. While both feel wronged by the other, each wants to hate the other, but somehow cannot. Soon Cole and Maddox are working together, and the action is fast-paced, and exciting right up to the end.

For those who enjoy an action-packed thriller with a little romance and a little sexiness thrown in, this a book you must read. I highly recommend Every Last Breath. Below you can check out the other two books in the series, as well.

What makes The Grumpy Book Reviewer grumpy?

The usual things:

  • using “further” (which refers to more of something) in place of “farther” (which refers to distance);
  • missing commas;
  • incorrect verb usage: “wasn’t” in place of “weren’t”, and “was” in place of “were”;
  • split infinitives;
  • misplacement of the word “only” within sentences;
  • beginning sentences with conjunctions.

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