Fire on the Island

I was asked to read and provide an honest review of Fire on the Island, by the award-winning author, Timothy Jay  Smith. The book was both heartwarming and disturbing. There was love and romance; there was also an examination of what people become when they are mistreated or have the perception of being mistreated. This is another look at the plight of immigrants, both those of today, and those of many years ago.

Vourvoulos is one of the beautiful Greek Islands, home to a small community attempting to cope with declining tourism, too many refugees, poverty, and family disagreements. Among them is an unknown terrorist/arsonist and a priest who is an art forger. FBI agent, Nick Damigos, is sent undercover as a writer tasked with finding the arsonist.

It seems almost everyone in town has his or her own agenda, and those who are not breaking the law, are skirting it. Mr. Smith has created wonderfully life-like characters, some loveable, some not so much. The island and the people have a tragic and violent history to overcome. In helping them to do this, Nick finds he is saving himself, as well.

I highly recommend Fire on the Island, to anyone who enjoys a mystery with a little romance and poignancy woven into the story. You won’t be sorry you took the time to read this one.

What made The Grumpy Book Reviewer grumpy?

  • A few typos;
  • verb tense disagreement;
  • a lot of missing commas.

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