I read Friction: Written By Blood, Book Two, by Dwayne Gill at the request of the author, Dwayne Gill. It is set in the year 2028, and answers questions for readers of Written By Blood, Part One: Conviction, the first in the Written By Blood series. For sci-fi lovers and thriller lovers alike, this is a novel you won’t be able to put down for long, if at all.

These elite “marked men” while still seeing themselves as monsters, are beginning to develop feelings of empathy, compassion, and even love. They find this both encouraging and disturbing, as it contradicts their own self-images and raises questions about themselves. Cane and some of the other men learn the truth about their birth mother, and that alone answers some of their questions.

They have beaten the bad guys yet again, but the struggle between good and evil is not over – not yet. Each time I thought I had things figured out, here came another plot twist. Mr. Gill certainly kept me on my toes. Thriller lovers, you must read Friction.

What made The Grumpy Book Reviewer grumpy?

  • A few syntax issues;
  • mixing plural and singular within a sentence;
  • confusing “further” with “farther”;
  • verb tense disagreement within sentences;
  • incorrect verb usage.

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