Ghosts of Guatemala

I was invited by the publisher to read Ghosts of Guatemala, the debut novel by Collin Glavac, in exchange for an honest review. Ghosts is the first book of a trilogy. After a somewhat slow start, the action begins, and the story is realistic and entertaining.

Would a drug lord be so brazen as to attempt to blackmail a CIA agent? You bet he would. “The Company” sends their best covert operative, John Carpenter to work with another agent already undercover inside the cartel.

John navigates the complexities of being a covert agent as he tutors the child of the drug lord in order to take down the cartel. Follow John as he becomes a trusted employee of the family.

What made The Grumpy Book Reviewer grumpy?

There were some typos and places where it was clear spell correction had struck again. Aside from that, there were:

  • some redundancies within the text of a paragraph;
  • some incorrect verb usage;
  • some redundancies;
  • some incorrect pronouns; and
  • my pet peeve, split infinitives.

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