I was given a copy of Hate at the request of the author, Brad Randolph, in exchange for an honest review. The first in a trilogy, it is a compelling story of a couple whose children are killed in a school shooting by two men from a neo Nazis/white supremacist group. This is another case of people not knowing what they are really capable of until faced with a particular situation.

Cate and Craig are devastated at the loss of their beloved son and daughter, teenagers at the local high school. Completely absorbed in their grief, they decide to take matters into their own hands – to find the two domestic terrorists, and take out their own version of revenge.

What happens when decent, law-abiding citizens are so emotionally destroyed they morph into the equivalent of well-trained covert-operators? Will they ever be able to return to a normal life? Will they ever get over the loss of their kids? Will they get caught? Will their plan fail?

Hate is a gripping tale of revenge and, yes, hate triggered by devastating loss, yet the writing needs work. I have shared my suggestions for improvement with the author.

What makes The Grumpy Book Reviewer grumpy?
Many of the usual things, plus a few more:

  • inconsistencies with singular and plural nouns;
  • inconsistencies in spelling;
  • redundancy;
  • verb tense disagreement within sentences;
  • improper punctuation;
  • a few syntax problems;
  • a couple of words used incorrectly.

2 Responses to Hate

  1. Brad Randolph says:

    Thank you so much….The spelling, syntax, and word use has been scrubbed top to bottom. I am republishing in a few weeks.

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