House of Spies

Daniel Silva, the master of all things spy-worthy, has produced a winner again with his riveting tale of adventure and suspense. I have followed Daniel Silva‘s Gabriel Allon series from the beginning, and am only more impressed with each new addition to the series. His newest book, House of Spies, deals with the ways the illegal narcotics and hashish trade funds ISIS and other terrorist groups, the ways in which the world’s intelligence officers work together, and the ways they don’t.
The familiar characters return, plus Dr. Natalie Mizrahi, the woman who pretended to be a Muslim extremist in The Black Widow. Set four months after the most merciless attack on American soil since 9/11, terrorists leave a path of devastation through London. Last seen walking away from that bombing in in Washington was a man with a limp, the latest ISIS leader. Now Gabriel takes us on the search for him.
The book is a commentary on many current issues, especially of how the U.S. and her allies created the void that allowed the development of ISIS when, after removing Gaddafi, they left without helping to establish a central government or a form of law enforcement — no authority at all. In the words of captured drug pusher extraordinaire, Jean Luc Martel, “…it was the Wild West”. Libya is revealed as the primary route for moving drugs from Africa to Europe, and Morocco is revealed as the latest hotbed of unrest among Muslim extremists.
House of Spies is sure to be a runaway bestseller, just as were his previous “Gabriel” books. To say it’s a page-turner is an understatement. I’m already eagerly waiting to see where Gabriel takes us next.
What Makes This Book Reviewer Grumpy?
The usual: split infinitives, and frequently beginning a sentence with a conjunction.

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