I, Alex Cross

This is another audio book my husband and I listened to on a trip. I, Alex Cross is 16th

in the Alex Cross series, by James Patterson. In a few places, it was a bit gory for my taste, but it was an intriguing mystery.

A part-time, high-priced call girl who happened to be Alex’s niece was found murdered, her body run through a chipper/shredder. As Alex investigates the murder, he finds himself meeting obstacles everywhere he turned. The crime went all the way to the White House.

A man calling himself Zeus, is a customer at a high-end “club” for high-powered men in Washington, D.C.  He enjoys torturing, then killing his “dates”. More and more prostitutes are disappearing. The owner/manager has tiny cameras and recording devices in each room. He then blackmails the customers, among them are senators, corporate executives, and powerful lawyers.

Alex knows these men are supposed to be the good guys in our country, and has to accept the fact that they are not good men. What’s worse than powerful people who are not good people?

I was saddened by the circumstances which led her to a life of prostitution: parents kicked her out when they disapproved of the man she chose. They were right to disapprove, as he dumped her 3,000 miles from home, but wrong when they wouldn’t help her return home. With no education and no money, she was alone on the streets in a strange city. If you enjoy a good mystery, you will love I, Alex Cross.

What Makes This Book Reviewer Grumpy?

Listening to a book, as opposed to reading it, makes it difficult to make a critique of the grammar, and punctuation. The story is certainly a compelling mystery, and aside from the blood and guts, I enjoyed it. The only annoying thing is that there are sound effects such as gunfire. When driving a car, or even just riding, this is unsettling and very annoying; it could even be dangerous if the driver is startled by recorded gunfire. I wish the producers of audiobooks would leave out gunshots and explosions.

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