Money, Blood, and Conscience

I read the debut novel, Money, Blood, and Conscience, at the request of the author, David Steinman. This political drama opened my eyes even more about the situation of the people of Africa in general, and Ethiopia specifically. The author has drawn on his real-life experience to depict the holocaust being visited on the people of that country.

Buddy Schwartz is an excessively idealistic television producer who, with the best of intentions, starts a charity for victims of famine and war in Ethiopia. The Ethiopian leader who is supposed to be passing on the food and other assistance provided by the charity, gradually begins to pocket the money, and withhold the food. So begins the story of starvation, genocide, and holocaust committed by a leader on yet another generation of his own people.

So many countries in Africa and Asia have experienced their own holocaust, as evil men gain power. Clean water, medical care, and simple hygiene are kept from these people while those in power become more and more wealthy.

The story itself was intelligent, compelling, and educative. The editing, however, left a lot to be desired.

What made The Grumpy Book Reviewer grumpy?

I’m a stickler for the Oxford comma. Without it, the last 2 items in a sentence appear to be a pair; there were a lot of missing commas. Additionally, there were:

  • several typos or misspelled works;
  • singular vs. plural issues;
  • verb tense disagreement;
  • trade name “Jeep” not capitalized;
  • people referred to as “that” instead of as “who”;
  • confusing “further” with “farther”.

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