The Antiquities Hunter

New York Times bestselling author, Maya Bohnhoff, has written her first mystery, The Antiquities Hunter, due out October 2, 2018. I thoroughly enjoyed this enthralling mystery, in fact, I was hooked on page one, and quickly found myself engrossed in the search for bad guys and ancient artifacts. Who knew there was a black market for pre-Columbian and Mayan artifacts? Just as stolen art being used to raise money for terrorism, Bohnhoff shows us that historical artifacts are used in this way as well.


Gina Miyoko, often called Tink because of the childhood nickname “Tinkerbell”, is a police officer turned private detective who tracks deadbeat dads. Gina’s friend, Rose, is National Park Service agent. Who knew the National Park Service had its own undercover agents for people who steal artifacts from the parks?


When it becomes clear that Rose is being stalked and threatened, Gina jumps in to help. Enter Cruz Veras, Ph.D., professor and director of the Instituto Nacional de Aantropoligia e Historia in Mexico. After Rose and Gina are convinced that Cruz is not out to hurt them, and after Cruz is convinced that Rose is not a “crooked agent”, the three team up to find the source of the thefts and damage to historical sites.


The book is full of action and suspense that kept me turning digital pages far into the night. I highly recommend The Antiquities Hunter, and I am anxious to read the next book in the series.

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