The Last Humans

I read The Last Humans at the request of the author, Steven M. Moore. I was amazed as this post-apocalyptic thriller forced me to consider the possibility of bio-warfare against us, especially as our allies have learned they cannot always trust us.

The main character, Penny Castro, an L.A. County Sherriff’s Deputy and former U.S. Navy diver, is one of a few hundred people who survive the biological attack. Believing she is alone, she struggles to survive, and soon finds gangs of almost-feral people who will stop at nothing, including cannibalism, to survive.

Mr. Moore speaks through his characters about current issues facing our country by making a comparison between earthquakes believed to have been caused by fracking, and sinkholes caused by empty aquifers due to drought. Gangs had stolen guns from dead bodies, leaving no guns or only empty guns for others to protect themselves. One character comments in frustration, “Don’t qualify for a license? Go to a gun show!” These views are woven into the narrative beautifully.

The Last Humans is frightening, sad, yet occasionally sexy and funny. It will cause you to consider the possibility that this could ever happen. With a compelling narrative and well-developed characters, it will keep you turning pages late into the night.

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