The Milanese Stars

Pamela Q. Fernandes’ new book, The Milanese Stars, was a delight to read. Early on, you are told a little about a guilty party in the theft, and you will soon think you have solved the mystery. There is a surprise near the end, and you will realize there is a lot more going on than meets the eye. Occasionally, you may realize or suspect that English is a second language for the author, but it does not harm the story. This is a great story of love and sacrifice, revenge and suspense. If you enjoy a good mystery, you will certainly enjoy The Milanese Stars.


When small jewelry store in Milan is robbed, the insurance company sends their best investigator, Samuel Keane. Sam is immediately smitten with Vita, the lovely young woman who runs the bakery/café next door. Sam doesn’t suspect her, but recognizes that everything about this case seems very odd. When he discovers the most expensive jewels, a group of pink diamonds known as the Milanese Stars, are not included in the list of stolen items, his suspicions grow. It is a mystery within a mystery, as the reason for the jewelry heist is not the usual reason, and as the investigation progresses, Sam realizes that both he and Vita are in danger.


What Makes This Reviewer Grumpy?

  • Using “further” when “farther” is needed;
  • Beginning sentences with conjunctions;
  • Misplacing the word “only” within sentences.



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