The Sixth Day

The fifth book in the “A Brit in the FBI” series, The Sixth Day, combines mystery, action, and history into one thrilling novel. Catherine Coulter and J.T. Ellison have done it again with this installment of the blockbuster series of crime and adventure.

FBI special agents and members of the bureau’s Covert Eyes Team, Michaela Caine and Nicholas Drummond are on vacation in England when major political leaders begin dying mysterious deaths. When the Vice-Chancellor of Germany collapses on the steps of the British Prime Minister’s home, a hovering drone is noticed overhead. It quickly becomes clear that a professionally orchestrated assassination plan is unfolding.

The mystery involves cryptophasia (twin talk), a fifteenth century manuscript, a desire to help a sibling suffering from extreme hemophilia, but without and understanding of genetic diseases and modern medicine. Add that to a wealthy, but narssistic cybersecurity genius who takes it upon himself and a group of investors to eradicate ISIS.

Said genius, Roman Ardelean, is a direct descendant of fifteenth century Romanian, Vlad the Impaler who is frequently romanticized as Dracula. Vlad’s half-brothers, twins themselves, suffered from severe hemophilia. It seems that his misguided beliefs are what led to his reputation as a vampire. Roman is convinced the Voynich Manuscript holds the secret to curing his severely ill twin brother’s blood disorder, and is not above murdering anyone who gets between him and the manuscript.

The Sixth Day was another book that kept me up reading late into the night. It is a fascinating glimpse into the world of cybersecurity and hacking; as well as a reminder of the tragedy of mis-informed old-school beliefs about curing diseases. I must make time to read the first four books of the “A Brit in the FBI” series. For those of you who like to read serial novels in order, below are links to all six books in the series, plus two from one of her other series books:

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