What Doesn’t Kill Her

Kellen Adams is one badass woman. She can definitely take care of herself when being attacked. Unfortunately, she has a bullet lodged in her brain that causes mental lapses. She also didn’t know that, while in a year-long coma, she gave birth to a baby girl whose father, Max, is the love of Kellen’s life. Author, Christina Dodd, knocked it out of the park with What Doesn’t Kill Her, book two of the Cape Charade series.

Dodd has created a kick-ass character who protects her daughter at all costs, even while protecting a priceless objet d’art from a group of men sent to kill her and take the sculpture. I found the book a little slow to get started, but soon the action was non-stop, and the characters compelling. Kellen keeps what she calls her “mental Rolodex” and each time a new person comes on the scene we get a description of said person in ALL CAPS. After I realized what was going on (there were several of these at the beginning) it made sense, but the all caps were annoying.

Overall, it is a compelling story, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I was, however, disappointed at the cliffhanger ending.  Max makes three statements, followed by “Find out Kellen’s fate in the next book….” That seemed too much like a soap opera, and like a blatant effort to sell the next book in the series.

What Makes This Reviewer Grumpy?

    • Incorrect verb usage:   “loan” in place of “lend”, “in” in place of “into”, “brought” in place of “taken”, “bring” in place of “take, “was” in place of “were”;
    • A few incomplete sentences;
    • Missing commas;
    • Consistently misplacing the word “only” within sentences;
    • Split infinitives;
    • Beginning sentences with conjunctions.

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