Written By Blood, Part One: Conviction

Part thriller, part sci-fi, this futuristic novel, Written By Blood, Part One: Conviction, by Dwayne Gill, will hold your attention from beginning to end. Gill knows how to weave a compelling, suspenseful tale, and make you wonder if some of the somewhat sci-fi components of the story could ever come to be.

Set in 2023 through 2028, it is a very different world from the one we know today. Guns as we know them are all but gone, replaced by E-guns that will fire only by the person whose fingerprints match the gun’s registered owner. Cars are almost all driverless. Everything is electronic. DNA can be manipulated.

The main character, Cane, and many other baby boys, were taken from their mothers at birth. They were then raised to be devoid of emotion, sympathy, or empathy, and trained to be human killing machines who would follow orders without question. Did someone tamper with their DNA? Were some kind of devices implanted in these men when they were young boys? Or were they simply brainwashed?

When the unexpected experience of saving a kidnapped girl leads Cane to feel emotions he never experienced, he begins to question his superiors. As the most highly skilled assassin on the planet, Cane refuses to execute an American businessman who is cradling his child in his arms. He knows the man deserves a fair trial for his crimes, and walks away. Thus begins Cane’s conviction that something evil is going on in our government; and that something is terribly wrong.

The evil goes right to the top of parts of the government, and Cane decides to set things right – to see the corrupt officials  removed from power. Others of his trainee cohort have also begun to question things, and Cane recruits them to help root out those working with the Russians to create a “New America”.

If you love a good thriller with a lot of action, violence, and a sci-fi slant, you will love Written By Blood, Part One: Conviction. There are two prequels to this book:  Cane’s Detour and Daniel’s Darkness. I have not read them, but I’d bet they are just as compelling. Gill has written several prequels to this compelling novel, and I have put links to them, as well as to this book below. Clicking on any of the links will take you directly to Amazon. 

What Makes This Book Reviewer Grumpy?

The usual mistakes:  consistently referring to people as “that” rather than “who”, as in “the man that….” Using “bring” and “brought” rather than “take” and “taken” (things are brought here, but are taken there). Some punctuation errors with commas and apostrophes, and misplacement of the word “only” within sentences.

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  1. Hanadi says:

    Great review! I thoroughly enjoyed Conviction too.

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