Here We Are:  Notes for Living on Planet Earth

Here We Are:  Notes for Living on Planet Earth, by Oliver Jeffers, is  a lovely picture book for explaining the world to little ones who have joined us only recently. The main point is to be kind, not only to people and to animals, but also to our planet. While educational, the story unfolds conversationally with beautiful illustrations, done by the author.

Little by little, our planet is described to children. So are our bodies. I especially liked it that children are advised to take care of their bodies, because “most bits don’t grow back”. Also taught is the fact that people come in many sizes, colors, and shapes, and that, while we can look and sound different, we are all people.

In describing animals, children are told that some things and animals move slowly, and some more quickly. The advice that time moves quickly, and will be gone before we know it, so we should use our time well. The story ends by telling children to be sure to look after the planet, because it’s all we have.

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