A Century of Friendship

I was asked to review this sweet children’s book One Century Friendship, also published as A Century of Friendship, by author, Little Bean Seeds. It is a quick read, and has a message that applies not only to children, but to adults, as well.

It’s all about friendship, and how we treat each other. Each brief section (they’re not actual chapters) ends with a couple of questions for the reader to reflect on how the lesson applies to his or her life.

The author is also known as LBS, and thinks of the writer’s role as being similar to that of a farmer or gardener planting seeds, hence the seed-related pseudonym. In One Century Friendship, many seeds are planted, such as kindness, trust, concern for friends, etc.

LBS lives in Hong Kong, and this is her first book written in English. It is obviously written by a person for whom English is a second language, but the story is still relatable. People everywhere will benefit from the lessons in this little book.

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