The Bad Seed

Can a Bad Seed change? This little seed has no name, but he has peers. He hears them talking about him, saying how bad he is. For example, he lies about things that don’t matter; he breaks in line – any line. He is always late, and he never, ever washes his hands.

John Jory has written a lovely story for children. He shows them that, even if bad and scary things happen to them, and they feel completely alone in the world, they don’t have to become bad seeds. They have a choice on how to behave toward others.

This little seed says he wasn’t always so bad — he wasn’t born bad. He was once close to his family of sunflower seeds. Then they were harvested. The person who ate seeds from the bag he was in spit him out. From then on, he was alone in the world.

Now he has decided he doesn’t want to stay bad, so he begins to say please and thank you. Then he begins doing nice things lick holding doors open for other seeds. One day he realizes that, when his friends talk about him, they are making nice comments. He is very happy.

The Bad Seed is a sweet, heartwarming story in picture-book form. It is well-written, and has beautiful illustrations by Pete Oswald. The Bad Seed would make a great bedtime story for your favorite little one.

What Makes This Reviewer Grumpy?     Not a thing!

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  1. admin says:

    I believe it is. If I still had little ones, I would definitely buy it for them.

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