The Polar Express

Who says there’s no Santa? Of course, there’s a Santa Claus. All you have to do is believe! Everyone knows that. Caldecott Medal winner, The Polar Express, by Chris VanAllsburg, published in 1985, is as popular today as it was then. This latest edition has a beautiful keepsake ornament inside the back cover.

This is a delightful story of how only those who believe can still hear Santa’s sleigh bells after they have grown to adulthood. The illustrations are gorgeous. The story for small children will delight and entertain everyone, especially those who believe, or who want to believe.

As the story goes, a boy was listening for Santa’s sleigh bells, but his friend insisted there was no Santa. The boy heard the hissing steam of a train’s engine, and the squeaking, screeching of metal — right there in front of his home! His friend couldn’t see it at all, but the train was filled with pajama-clad children.

After riding the train which was bound for the North Pole, the boy got a tour of Santa’s factories. When Santa chose the boy to receive the first gift of Christmas that year, the boy chose a silver bell from one of the reindeer. Alas, it fell through a hole in his pocket. Imagine his delight when, on Christmas morning, he found a gift under the tree with a note that said, “Found this on the seat of sleigh.” It was signed, “Mr. C.”

His parents couldn’t hear it’s ring, nor could some of the older children. Only those who believed could hear it.

No grumpiness here!

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