The Ugly Pony

This little book warmed my heart. The Ugly Pony, by Angharad Thompson Rees, is a modern rendition of The Ugly Duckling, written for International Children’s Book Day. It reminds us that we are perfect, just the way we are. Rees, remembers feeling “less than” as a child, and hopes the story gives us the courage to love and nourish our inner selves.
It shows bullies for what they really are:  children and adults who are so insecure, they believe the only way they can affirm their “goodness” is to make those around them, and those less fortunate, feel badly about themselves. Sound familiar? It reassures all of us, but especially children, that no matter what other say or do, we will soar if we are true to ourselves and our own uniqueness. Do you know anyone who could use this adorable little book?

I obtained this book from InstaFreebie. Unfortunately it is not available on Amazon, but you can get your own free copy at by clicking on this link to the author’s site.
No grumpiness here!

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