Too Many Carrots

Greed? Hoarding? Sharing? It’s about all of these, but mostly it’s about friendships, and how they get us through the rough patches in life. I expected a math lesson to be camouflaged by humor, but it wasn’t. No worries. We can’t have everything in one small picture book.

This little book by Katy Hudson, is well-written and beautifully illustrated with bright colors and cute animals. Rabbit is the main character. Rabbit was a greedy little guy. Or was he just afraid of not having enough food? He collected carrots to the point of hoarding. When there was no room left in his “house” for him to sleep, he tried taking all his carrots, and moving into various friends’ homes with disastrous results, making all of them homeless.

What Makes This Reviewer Grumpy?

Beginning a sentence with conjunctions “and” and “but”.  That’s about it, folks.

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  1. admin says:

    Doesn’t it, though? I need to start cleaning out closets. Thanks for visiting my site. Drop by anytime.

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