The Very Fairy Princess

After seeing an interview with these bestselling mother-and-daughter authors, Julie Andrews and Emily Walton Hamilton, I rushed out to have a look at this new children’s book, which, at the time, was the latest in The Very Fairy Princess series. In this installment, Geraldine (a.k.a., Gerry) shows the reader how to let your inner sparkle shine. Gerry is a great example of a child with enough self-confidence to believe in herself, while also being supportive of her friends who may lack her self-confidence.

Case in point, Gerry’s friend, Delilah, who Gerry says sparkles, “… when you play the trombone”. She continues, telling Delilah that she can be whatever she wants to be, she just has to “…let her sparkle out”. I seem to remember telling my daughter the same thing some years ago.

On almost every page, Gerry reminds the reader that fairy princesses

  • have refined taste;
  • are practical;
  • are creative;
  • are supportive;
  • know when it’s time to take charge;
  • need their beauty rest;
  • know that practice makes perfect (Hmm, where have I heard that one? Oh, yeah, my mom!)

The biggest take away for adults is that parental support and encouragement can make all the difference in raising a child with healthy self-esteem, or raising a child who is doubtful, fearful, and lacking in self-confidence.

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