Lowcountry Bonfire

Another great read from Susan M. Boyer, Lowcountry Bonfire, is a cozy mystery that will keep you guessing until the very end. Bonfire is #6 in the Agatha Award-winning Liz Talbot Mystery Series, and was sent to me for review by Boyer’s PR agent.
The murdered man is native son, Zeke Lyerly, teller of tall tales that keep his friends entertained, but that everyone takes with a grain of salt. When Zeke is found in the trunk of his beloved collectible Mustang, Liz and husband and business partner, Nate Andrews, are hired to investigate.
It quickly becomes apparent that some of Zeke’s tall tales weren’t quite so tall after all. Turns out, he is a West Point Graduate and former CIA agent. After twenty years of that, he wanted to go home. Of course, Zeke’s wife, Tammy Sue, is suspect number one, but soon many of his friends and even Liz’s cousin are suspects.
As the series progresses, Boyer’s characters change and grow. All the characters are well-developed and seem true-to-life. Liz’s mom is perfectly portrayed, but she sounds more like she should be the young Liz’s grandmother based on her cooking and her attitudes. Liz herself is a germaphobe who washes her hands, then “slathers on” hand sanitizer. Boyer should find a way for Liz to learn that hand sanitizer is for when we don’t have access to soap and water.
One fun aspect of the series is the comical Colleen, Liz and Nate’s high school friend who died at 17. Stuck forever at age 17, Colleen continues to materialize and often helps the two private investigators with their cases. It’s a bit of a stretch of the imagination, but certainly adds a layer of humor to the series.
I will definitely continue to follow Liz and Nate as long as Boyer finds cases for them to investigate. Cozy mystery lovers will be enchanted with the Liz Talbot Mystery Series.

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