Midsummer Mayhem

Midsummer Mayhem, the seventh book in the Potting Shed mystery series by Marty Wingate is due out November 6, 2018. It follows Prunella “Pru” Pearse, gardener extraordinaire, as she takes on the task of set designer for an outdoor setting of Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream.


Of course, while Pru is busy creating beautiful woodland scenes, there is soon a murder of one of the cast members, and she cannot resist attempting to solve the case. Is the murderer another actor, or perhaps a member of the crew, maybe an actor wannabe? The identity of the murderer was quickly obvious to me, but it took Pru longer than I expected to come to the same conclusion. Still, she’s a pretty sharp cookie that finds herself in some sticky situations. Somehow she always comes out smelling like a rose.


Midsummer Mayhemis a quick, easy read that gave my brain a break, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Pru and her detective husband, Christopher, remind me so much of the characters on the British TV series Midsomer Murders, that I checked the list of writers on that program to see if this author one of them, but alas, she is not.



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