Tandem Demise

A wonderful cozy mystery, one of my favorite genres, Tandem Demise, by Duffy Brown, is set on Mackinac Island, Michigan, a quaint tourist mecca reached by ferry. On the island, only horses and bicycles are allowed. Tandem is book three in the Cycle Path mystery series.


The heroine, Evie Bloomfield, runs a bicycle shop where she and her business partner, Cal, a wounded warrior, repair old bicycles. Evie then paints them in whimsical colors and even names them, then rent them to tourists, and anyone else who needs transportation.


Evie has previously solved two murders on the island (books 1 and 2) and has been warned to stick to being a civilian by Chief of Police, Nate Sutter. Readers will soon recognize a budding romance between the two, as Nate tries to keep Evie safe.


When a dead guy is found on the dock by, you guessed it – Evie – she quickly realizes he was after Nate. It seems Nate did some undercover work in Detroit, and the bad guys think he took off with their $5,000,000 in cash. Everyone who is not a local becomes suspected of murder, as another murder is committed. I’m usually pretty good as figuring out “whodunit” in mystery books, but this one had me guessing until near the very end. Congratulations, Ms. Brown, you had me fooled.


I read Tandem Demise at the request of the author, and thoroughly enjoyed it. Cozy mystery lovers everywhere will love it, too.


What Makes This Book Reviewer Grumpy?


  • Confusing “further” (more) with “farther” (distance);
  • missing commas;
  • ending a question with a period instead of a question mark;
  • split infinitives;
  • misplacement of the word “only” within sentences;
  • using “bring” instead of “take”;
  • referring to people as “that” rather than “who”.

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