Gods of Howl Mountain

It’s the fall of 1952, and Rory Docherty is back from the war in Korea. He lost one leg below the knee, but at least he is alive. The Gods of Howl Mountain are alive and sinister in this new book by award-winning author, Taylor Brown. Alive, that is, as angry yet fearful, poverty-stricken, gun-toting, secretive, and superstitious bootleggers.
There is safety in the remote sections of Appalachia, and there is danger, especially from competing bootleggers. Back home in the mountains of North Carolina, Rory returns to moonshining — and to finding out who destroyed his mother. Oh, she is still alive, but she hasn’t spoken since being raped so many years ago. The rape that produced Rory and sent his mother to a mental institution, left him to be raised by his grandmother, the herbal healer Maybelline (Granny May).
At times Brown’s prose is almost poetic in its description of the beauty that is Appalachia and North Carolina, as well as the danger found in some remote mountain areas. Gods of Howl Mountain will take you along on the struggle between good and evil, between justice and revenge, as Rory’s life is threatened, and Granny May finally realizes who hurt her family so many years ago. This powerfully evocative novel will be in stores March 20, 2018.
What Made This Reviewer Grumpy?
Misspelling the contraction of “would have” and “could have” as “would of” and “could of”, rather than the correct “would’ve” and “could’ve”.


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