How to Walk Away

Prepare to be blown away by How to Walk Away, just one of Katherine Center‘s beautifully, often comically written, bittersweet novels of overcoming tragedy and persevering. I was hooked on the first page, and everything else had to wait while I delved, completely absorbed, into this fantastic book.

Margaret Jacobsen has just finished an M.B.A. and been told “unofficially” that she has a great new job. Her finance, Charles Philip Dunbar (“Chip”) has not yet completed the requirements for his pilots’ license. Knowing she is terrified of flying, Chip coerces Margaret into getting into a small plane that doesn’t belong to him. While in the air, he proposes to her, but the weather turns ugly. Chip walks away without a scratch. Margaret is seriously injured.

This is a story of the love of a family, warts and all. Margaret’s sister, Kitty, and their mother have never gotten along, and have been estranged for three years. Mom has a deep, dark secret, that will devastate the family, but it has to come out. While hospitalized, Margaret learns that enduring, romantic love can be found in the most unexpected times and places.

This is a book I will not soon forget. It’s one I am likely to read again in the future — there aren’t too many of those. I think I may have found another favorite author. This book is an absolute must-read.

What Makes This Book Reviewer Grumpy?

There are the usual things: a few split infinitives, a few incomplete sentences, and a lot of sentences beginning with conjunctions. Mostly, though, there was a huge number of single-sentence paragraphs, and that is a huge no-no. Every one of those single sentences could have been included in either the preceding paragraph or the following one. Still this is an outstanding book.

2 Responses to How to Walk Away

  1. As Churchill reportedly said, split infinitive is verbiage “up with which I shall not put.” Single-sentence paragraphs abound in the newspapers, for easier reading, although Katherine was not an ink-stained wretch. Can’t wait to read the book if it’s this good.

    • admin says:

      Love the Churchill quote. The only place I will abide single-sentence paragraphs is in newspapers, and I really don’t like them there, but they didn’t ask me. The book really is that good. You will enjoy it. Thanks for visiting my site.

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