Pale Morning Light with Violet Swan

I was invited by NetGalley and Houghton-Mifflin Harcourt to read the ARC of Pale Morning Light with Violet Swan, by Deborah Reed, in exchange for an honest review. It is a generational saga covering Violet’s life from youth to her death at 93.

At age 14, Violet escapes a difficult and abusive life, and runs cross-country to the Oregon coast, making a few friends along the way. Life on the road is tough for a young girl alone, but Violet imagines her life the way she hopes it will be. She sketches and paints scenes and people she sees along the way, depicting tragedy and pain as abstract art. In doing so, she becomes a talented artist. Always painting in pastel colors, she develops her unique style. Later she meets the man who will become a devoted husband; and he sends photos of some of her work to a gallery in New York City. Thus begins a brilliant and prosperous career as a famous artist.

Years later her son finds a DNA match that appears to be a half-sister. Near death, Violet acknowledges the daughter, but charitably doesn’t tell the woman she is the result of a rape. Pale Morning Light with Violet Swan, is the title of a documentary her grandson, Daniel,  wants to produce about his beloved grandmother. After resisting the interviews for years, Violet finally shares her difficult life story with Daniel.

What made The Grumpy Book Reviewer grumpy?

Incorrect verb usage:

  • Wasn’t vs. weren’t
  • Showed vs. shown
  • Was vs. were

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