The Dream Daughter

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if, faced with a medical condition that has no cure, we could travel to the future where that cure is available? Well, to save her unborn baby – her Dream Daughter – Caroline (“Carly”) Sears does just that in 1970. Not, however, before thinking her brother-in-law, Hunter, is crazy when he tells her he is from the future, and that fetal surgery is possible in 2001.


The Dream Daughter is Diane Chamberlain’s heartwarming and heartbreaking new time travel novel. It will definitely be a sensation when it hits store shelves October 2, 2018. 


Carly is overjoyed to learn she is pregnant, and writes to her husband, Joe, in Viet Nam. Before he can possibly receive her letter, she is devastated to learn he has been killed. She is devastated yet again when she learns her baby girl has an incurable and fatal heart defect. This baby has to survive; she is all Carly has left of her beloved Joe.


With prayers and strong faith, Carly “steps off” into the unknown where she finds both wonderful and tragic news. After Carly returns to 1970, and tells Hunter about spending time with his mother while in 2001, he thinks of the things we all wish we had said to our parents before it was too late. He wishes he had spent more time with his mom before she disappeared. Can he still do that? As for Carly, well, she learns never to take time for granted again.


The Dream Daughteris a wonderful combination of the sci-fi/time travel and Christian fiction genres. It will definitely be a sensation when it hits store shelves October 16, 2018.


What Makes This Book Reviewer Grumpy?


Only those common errors that we can get away with in spoken English, but not in written English:

  • split infinitives;
  • misplacement of the word “only” within sentences;
  • words without spaces in between;
  • words that should be hyphenated were not;
  • words that should not be hyphenated were.




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