The Dream Virgin

I read The Dream Virgin at the request of the publisher, Saiga Books. Written by actor and author, Don Quine, The Dream Virgin is the first book of the new Ventures Nest Series. It takes a look at the growth of techies among today’s youth, and the new careers becoming available for our newest generations. It also takes a brief look at child abuse and human trafficking. 


At age six, Elfri Fleming began drawing the characters of her dreams. During her teenage years, after realizing this helped her deal with her nightmares, she turned the drawings into comic book characters. Soon she was a comic book entrepreneur. She now teaches kids the power in what she calls “lucid dreaming”. Accompanied by her former-cop grandfather, Will, she travels to public libraries in a converted school bus called the Dreamland Express.


Now, with a loyal following and a lucrative career, Elfri finds herself as a finalist in a talent competition at a place called Ventures Nest. Winning the competition will provide funding to take her company to the next level and beyond. Unfortunately, Ventures Nest is located in a community with a dark side. Some of the goings-on are simply weird. Others are far more insidious.


I found The Dream Virgin to be deeply disturbing, but I recognize the importance of exposing evil in every way possible. This book does that. The book was published in June, 2018, but is in serious need of editing. There is a huge number of mistakes which a good editor or proofreader should have caught before publication.


What Makes This Book Reviewer Grumpy?


  • Incomplete sentences;
  • some sentences that simply don’t make sense;
  • misuse of verbs such saw and seen, was and were;
  • capitalization errors;
  • verb tense disagreement;
  • misspelled words.


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