The Girl Who Lived

Can you imagine that someone out there who wants to kill you is playing with your head — moving your car, moving things inside your home, stalking you? Can you imagine feeling so unsafe that you fear trusting anyone, including your shrink? Christopher Greyson has created a frightening psychological thriller in this suspenseful novel, The Girl Who Lived. Faith Winters, now 21, survived the murders of her father, sister, best friend, and the friend’s mother when Faith was only 13. She managed to hide and escape after seeing her sister stabbed by a man she calls “Rat Face”.

Children who witness horrific events certainly need counseling, but after Faith attacked a classmate who made disparaging comments about Faith’s dad, she was committed to a psychological hospital. Caught up in survivor’s guilt, Faith has spiraled downward to self-destructive behavior and alcoholism. She can identify the murderer, but no one believes her.
This book held my attention through its many twists and turns; I couldn’t put it down. It kept me guessing about “who-dun-it” until almost the last minute. In fact, there were a couple of surprises for me at the end. If you enjoy psychological thrillers, you will love The Girl Who Lived.

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