The Imperfect Offering

I read the ARC of The Imperfect Offering, by  Gary McCarragher, in exchange for an honest review. The story flowed smoothly, and was a quick, easy read.

Hospice workers face multiple issues that most of us never think of as we go about our daily lives. Not only must those courageous professionals manage the pain and comfort of the dying patient, but they must also navigate the emotional minefield of family issues surrounding a terminally ill person. Dr. McCarragher’s book examines these and other topics.

When the husband of a terminally ill patient asks Dr. Thomas Haydn to help him make a large anonymous donation, the doc agrees. After hearing the story behind the money, Thomas is uneasy, and seeks the advice of a financial professional. When family members get involved, and things can go awry – and they do. Be prepared for a surprise ending that answered the one question I continued to ask while reading.

Hospice workers are angels of mercy, and help not only the dying patient, but the family in general. The Imperfect Offering is a wonderful, thought-provoking story that I thoroughly enjoyed. I recently learned it has won a fourth award: the NYC Big Book Award for fiction/medical thriller.

What Makes this Reviewer Grumpy?

The usual things, mainly verb tense disagreement: wasn’t vs. weren’t, come vs. go, bring vs. take. I enjoyed the book so much, I gave it five stars.

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