The Liar’s Child

I read The Liar’s Child, by bestselling  author, Carla Buckley, at the request of the publisher, Penguin Random House. This heart-wrenching tale of the near loss of a child, neglected children, and the mystery of a missing parent tugs at your heartstrings. Soon Sara, a woman in witness protection, moves in next door to this family in crisis.

These evocative characters are woven into a complex storyline, and keeps readers wondering how the husband and children’s sanity will survive the mom — before she goes missing, that is. Then there is Sara, the not-totally-honest-accountant-and-daughter-of-a-con-man, who has a choice to make:  go to prison or testify against another white collar criminal.

The story shows us, yet again, how most parents will suffer anything to protect their children. Much of the story is set against a hurricane that devastates the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Ms. Buckley makes note of the increase in destructive weather patterns has increased with global warming. For that I applaud her.

I am still trying to figure out who is The Liar’s Child. There were several liars in this beautifully written, and haunting tale. It is one of those books that will stay with you long after you have turned the last page.

What Makes this Reviewer Grumpy?

Only the usual things:

  • singular/plural inconsistencies;
  • incomplete sentences;
  • sentences beginning with conjunctions;
  • and guess what?Not a single split infinitive!

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