I read Thieves, at the request of the author, Steven Russo, in exchange for an honest review. This was his debut novel. It is a great story, but it gets off to a slow start; then the action begins. There is some violence, but after the prologue, it’s not constant.

Esmerelda, a young Columbian woman, works several jobs including cleaning houses in an upscale neighborhood in New Jersey. When she casually mentions to her  friend, Ray, that the owners of one of her houses will be away for a month, the problems begin. Ray mentions it to his friend, “Skooley”, and they decide to rob the place.

Things go south quickly when Ray is a bit too bossy for Skooley’s taste. Skooley is already on the run from a drug cartel in Florida, and will stop at nothing to escape being tracked.

While this was a good story, there was far too much description for my taste. I really don’t like giving a not-so-good review, but in this case, I must.

What made The Grumpy Book Reviewer grumpy?

These are things a good publisher or editor should have caught:

  • Far too much description;
  • A few missing words;
  • Incorrect word usage;
  • Incorrect verb usage;
  • Confusing “further” with “farther”;
  • A few missing commas;
  • Mistaking an artist’s “palette” knife for a “pallet” knife.

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