Time Crawlers:  Short Stories from Parallel Universes

Time Crawlers, by Varun Sayal, is a trip into a fantastical (I hope) future where some very strange things happen on planets, and both horrifying and disgusting things happen on the dark web. It is a collection of six short stories, each more sci-fi than the last. Most of the characters have almost magical weapons and unbelievably advanced artificial intelligence that can destroy nations, even whole planets. On the other hand, the main character of the  first story, titled Nark-Astra, learns the lesson that revenge is not always best, especially when it will harm innocents.

The dystopian Time Crawlers was a bit out of the comfort zone, for this reader who prefers historical fiction, romance, cozy mystery, and political drama/thriller. I have to admit, though, this book has tremendous imagination, and is certainly thought-provoking. The action moves quickly and succinctly, but I suspect English (or perhaps American English) is a second language for the author. Mr. Sayal has great potential as a writer, and a mastery of English will come with time. I am happy to report he continues writing, and will have another book coming out soon.

Those who have greater literary creativity than I, and who enjoy this genre, will love it. While dystopian literature is not my cup of tea, I applaud the author for his inventiveness.

What Makes this Reviewer Grumpy?

The copy I read was an uncorrected proof, and many of the things I found have now been corrected. What I found were the usual things such as:

  • mixing plural and singular nouns and pronouns;
  • missing commas;
  • split infinitives;
  • beginning sentences with conjunctions;
  • misplacement of the word “only” within sentences.

The other things I will share privately with the author, as I often do.

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