Weaver’s Needle

I almost didn’t read this book, and I am so glad I did. Weaver’s Needle, by Robin Caroll, is one of the best books I have read this year. This intriguing mystery pulls the reader into an old Native American legend while following the twists, turns, and dangers of unravelling a crime in the pursuit of a stolen document; and yes, there is a little romance thrown in.
Landry Parker, former military police, and Nickolai Baptiste, former city police, are recovery specialists charged with finding a missing document — an old map passed down through generations. The map was recently purchased, then stolen, and the new owner murdered. The fee is $50,000 going to the one who locates the map. In the process, their competition throws them together in an unexpected way, and they soon realize their distrust of each other has slowly vanished.
Caroll, author of twenty-five novels, and winner of many awards for her fiction, weaves both her Christian faith and the faith of the Apache nation into her stories in such a way that the reader willingly goes along on the journey filled with examples of compassion, love, guilt, forgiveness, and second chances. The story is a prime example of the struggle between good and evil, as Nick and Landry risk their lives in trying to solve this crime of theft, murder, and greed.
If you enjoy a good mystery, you will love Weaver’s Needle. It should be next on your “books to read” list.

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