Westering Women

I was given an advanced readers’ copy of Westering Women, by Sandra Dallas, in exchange for an honest review. This is one of the most well-written books of fiction I have read in quite a while.

Set in the 1852, it tells the stories of several women who, each for her own reasons, joins an all-female wagon train traveling to the gold fields of California. The original purpose was to provide wives and add a feminine touch to the often crass male population of the goldmining towns.

Some women were running from abusive husbands. One from a hateful family. Another was trying to escape prostitution. Some just wanted an adventure, and they definitely got that.

Not even one of them was prepared for the extreme hardship of life on a wagon train in areas where there were often no roads, only trails. The description of taking the wagons through the Rockies and the Sierras gave me the feeling I was traveling along with them.

What made The Grumpy Book Reviewer grumpy?

Not a thing!  Well, there were several missing commas, and once, a single thought was divided into two sentences with the second one beginning with “and”. Otherwise, it was perfect prose in my eyes.

If you enjoy history, and stories about strong women who support each other when times are tough, you will definitely enjoy Westering Women.

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  1. Wanna read! And if “wanna” doesn’t curdle your cream, obviously I’m one of those who starts a second thought with, um, “and.” 😆 You’d think a former small-fry, but determined editor would refuse to relinquish the rules. But no.

    • admin says:

      Amazing, isn’t it, how much more we can get away with in spoken English, than in written English. I think we all say “wanna” and “gonna” most of the time.

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