What We Tell

In What We Tell, by Holly W. Schwartztol, three professional women have been close friends for years. Each believes the others share everything during their lunch conversations. Yet each holds a secret she is afraid of telling the others. Fearful of having her best friends feel betrayed, each woman keeps her secret, even though keeping the secret adds to her stress level.

What We Tell at the request of the author, and truly enjoyed it. I especially couldn’t wait to find out how the three conundrums were finally resolved. It’s a compelling story that gives pause for self-reflection, as we all have something in our past that we’d prefer our friends not know. This would be a great book for book clubs, as it provides many avenues for discussion. Full disclosure: Holly is a dear friend and former neighbor.

What Makes This Reviewer Grumpy?

People today use a lot of contractions in conversational speech. In most of the book, there were not enough contractions used, causing the dialogue to sound more formal than I believe was intended. Other than that, there were the usual things: split infinitives and a lot of missing commas.

The editor or proofreader should have caught those missing commas. Sadly, most editors don’t seem to care about split infinitives anymore.

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