What’s Worth Keeping

I read the ARC of What’s Worth Keeping, by Kaya McLaren, courtesy of St. Martin’s Press. This is a powerful book that everyone should read: everyone who is, or knows a cancer survivor; everyone who is married; everyone whose has self-doubts; everyone who has been through a trauma, and those who love them; every parent. Those who love our national parks will love the beautiful description of them.

The characters are amazingly lifelike as they attempt to navigate the struggles life has thrown at them. Ms. McLauren examines the effect having a mom with breast cancer has on a teenage girl, particularly a mom with the BRCA-2 gene: the fear, the self-doubt, the perceived hopelessness. The book is a commentary the effect traumatic events can have on first responders, and how it affects every aspect of their lives and their families’ lives. It also says a lot about couples who assume too much and do not communicate well.

I learned so very much about so many things while reading this book. Many different issues are examined in this book, but they are woven so very smoothly into the story. Even though What’s Worth Keeping needed a better proofreader, I give the story five stars.

What made The Grumpy Book Reviewer grumpy?

Recognizing this is an uncorrected ARC, I am overlooking a few probable typos and a few missing commas. The thing that stuck out most was referring to an SUV as a station wagon more than once. Other things that, if corrected, would make the writing smoother are:

  • Mixing singular and plural within a sentence;
  • Confusing “further” with “farther”;
  • Verb tense disagreement;
  • Incorrect verb usage;
  • A few missing commas;
  • Multiple split infinitives – a personal pet peeve.

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