Bound to a Spy

Bound to a Spy,  is book two in the series, “All the Queen’s Spies” by Sharon Cullen. Of course, it is a love story set against the background of life at a royal court — the court of Mary, Queen of Scots.
The author reminds us how dangerous it was to live in the 16th century. Women were the property of their husbands. Speaking against the king or queen was treason. In fact, refusing the (married or not) king’s sexual overtures was considered treason — he could do as he pleased with any of the women in the kingdom.

Rose Turner, sent to court by her mother for the purpose of finding a titled husband, stumbles upon the  plot to murder Mary’s husband, the philandering Lord Darnley. Rose knows too much, and her life is immediately in danger. Will Sheffield, one of Queen Elizabeth’s spies, realizes the danger, and makes it his goal to protect her. Rose, however, is quite the rebellious young woman. Rose and Will are drawn to each other, but Rose is unsure of whom to trust. Fearless, she is determined to resist the attraction — well, at first, anyway.

Richard Kirkinny, Earl of Lysle, in on the plot, becomes aware of Rose’s knowledge, and attempts to court Rose, marry her, then arrange for her to have a “tragic accident”. He would then be widowed — again, but the threat of Rose revealing the plot would then be removed.
The book is well written, and while it is romantic fiction, it is also historically accurate. Choosing which genre to place this one was a struggle. Is it historical fiction, or is it a romance novel? I’ll leave that to the reader. Those who enjoy romantic historical fiction with a little intrigue thrown in, will love this book. I did.
What Makes This Book Reviewer Grumpy?
  • Incorrect use of the phrase, “begs the question”. Contrary to recent popular usage, it is not interchangeable with “raises the question”.
  • Of course, the usual improper placement of the word “only” within sentences, and numerous split infinitives.

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