Ladies of Intrigue

I read Ladies of Intrigue, by Michelle Griep, at the request of the publisher, Barbour Publishing. This book contains three Christian fiction historical romance novellas about strong women ahead of their time. Each one ended too soon for me, as I was enjoying them immensely.

The Gentleman Smuggler’s Lady takes place on the Cornish coast of England in 1815. Helen Fletcher, a very prim and proper governess travels home to Cornwall to care for her ailing father. The ship she is on is attacked by brigands, one of whom treats her as a gentleman would treat a lady. She is furious, but curious, too. Imagine her surprise to learn he actually is a gentleman, and a very kind-hearted man who cares deeply for the tenants on his estate. He’s gorgeous, too…

The Doctor’s Woman, a Carol Award Winner, takes place in the Dakota Territory in 1862. Emmy Nelson is the very well-trained daughter of a physician (male, of course). She is frustrated by her aunt’s efforts to keep her busy with a life of high society parties. So, when the doctor for the army camp is delayed, Emmy jumps at the chance to minister to injured and abused Native Americans taken prisoner by the army.The doctor shows up just after she arrives, and disagrees with her treatment plan for a man whose arm she is trying to save. Turns out, she is right. The good doctor is constantly frustrated with Emmy’s independent streak, and finally realizes he loves her. Will he change his life’s plans for her?

A House of Secrets, is set in St. Paul, Minnesota, in 1890. Amanda Carston, the new chair of the Ladies Aide Society, wants to restore an old, dilapidated house to be used as a school with uniforms and books provided for children of poverty-stricken families. The problem?

She has a rival in the society, and she can’t get the deed to the property. Imagine her dismay when she learns her fiancé, Joseph, is the owner of the house, and he has blocked her purchase of the property. Joe is using the “haunted” house as a safe house for prostitutes, as he helps them escape a brothel secretly supported by the mayor. Joe has a heartbreaking reason to help those women, but he is not ready to share those reasons with Amanda.

What Made This Reviewer Grumpy?

Lots of split infinitives. That’s about it.

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