The Golden Bride

The Golden Bride is the8th book of the Christian fiction series, “Daughters of the Mayflower”. The author, Kimberly Woodhouse, has adeptly woven her characters into the history of 1849 San Francisco.

Olivia Livingston Brighton has just buried her parents and her husband of six weeks. She finds her way alone to her brother’s restaurant in San Francisco. Daniel Livingston is her only living relative.

The Golden Brideis set dramatically against the gold rush of 1849 as the California Territory seeks statehood. Unscrupulous men running prostitution, human trafficking of both adults and children, and hostile takeovers of gold mines are setting themselves up to take over the city — and they almost succeed.

Ms. Woodhouse has penned a beautifully written, and historically accurate record of the dark history of that time and place, and of course, there is a little romance thrown into the story. Each book in this series seems to be better than the one before it, and The Golden Brideis no different. I have thoroughly enjoyed every one of them.

What Makes This Reviewer Grumpy?

  • Singular/plural confusion;
  • excessive use of the word “that”;
  • split infinitives;
  • beginning sentences with conjunctions;
  • using “to try and…” rather than “to try to…”;
  • using “bring” in place of “take”;
  • a question that ends with a period.

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