The Highland Commander

Amy Jarecki has enthralled her readers yet again with The Highland Commander. Set in 1705, during the years leading up to the 1715 Scottish uprising against England, known by Scots as “the ’15”, this is the story of Lord Aiden Murray, second son of the Scottish Duke of Atholl, and Lady Magdalen (Maddie”) Keith, the illegitimate daughter of William Keith, Earl Marshal of Scotland. Full of drama and suspense, this historical romance is true to history, even with its fictional characters.
Aiden and Maddie meet at a masquerade ball on Hogmanay, at the home of Maddie’s father, a secret Jacobite. Though strongly attracted to each other, neither expects ever to see the other again, but in a chance meeting at Whitehall Palace, their attraction grows. Through multiple frightening twists and turns leading to a delightful conclusion, the characters are developed beautifully. The intrigue and dangers of life at court play out, set against the political tension between the English Queen Anne, and her supporters; and the Scottish supporters of her half-brother, King James. Medieval life in the highlands is so well-described, the reader will feel as if he or she is there.
I thoroughly enjoyed The Highland Commander. I recommend it to anyone who enjoys historical fiction.

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