Wonderful Indie Book Store + 4 Great Books, 4 Great Genres

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There’s not much I enjoy more than curling up with a good book and a cup of coffee or tea. Well, maybe browsing through independent book stores and art supply stores. That’s always sure to put a dent in my credit card.

On a trip last fall we wandered into a wonderful bookstore — Sherman’s Book Store on Main Street in Bar Harbor, Maine. I was immediately enraptured with the selection, not only of books, but art supplies, too. I could have stayed in that store for hours. Too bad we had to move on so soon.

What did I buy at Sherman’s? Well, it was a tough decision. They had so many beautiful gardening books I really wanted, and some new fiction titles, too; but I could pack only so much for the trip back home. So, I bought an art book. That one is just for me.

4 Books 4 Genres — Something for Everyone

If it’s still ridiculously cold where you live, you’re probably doing a lot of reading. I love sharing the books I’ve discovered, or that have been sent to me by authors and editors. So, I have chosen four great books from four different genres:  thriller, cozy mystery, historical fiction, and romantic comedy, to get you through those snowy days. These are just a few of the books I have reviewed, and thoroughly enjoyed:


Fragment, by Craig Russell

This beautifully-written book, Fragment, is one you won’t be able to put down. It is enlightening in too many ways to mention here. It’s an adventure, a thriller, and an eye-opener. I read it at the request of the author, Craig Russell, and I am so glad I did.

It’s one of a new genre called climate-science fiction, or cli-fi, and is highlighted by Yale University’s Climate Connections, along with several other books of this genre. Fragment is on the short list for the Michael Van Rooy Award. I gave it five stars on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and GoodReads. To jump to my full review, click right here.

A Cozy Mystery:  Tandem Demise, by Duffy Brown

I read this book at the request of the author, Duffy Brown. The cozy mystery is one of my favorite genres, and this one did not disappoint. Set on the tourist mecca of Mackinac Island, Michigan, a body is found on the dock. Of course, the local bicycle shop owner cannot resist investigating; and of course, she is instrumental in solving the crime. To jump to my review, click right here.

The Room on Rue Amelie, by Kristin Harmel

Based on a true story, this is one of the most unforgettable works of both historical fiction and Christian fiction I have ever read. Set amidst the danger, sorrow, and intrigue of the French Resistance of World War II, the characters come to life in a way that transports the reader to that time and place. Click right here to jump to my review.

Romantic Comedy:
The Engagement Plot, by Krista Phillips

This fun romantic comedy and Christian fiction from Krista Phillips, will keep you entertained. It’s a light and easy read, and you will likely find yourself pulling for the couple to work out their differences. They met on a TV reality show, and things looked good — then they didn’t.

Even after the relationship ended, the couple created a plot to keep the producers, sponsor, and fans happy. Hence the title, The Engagement Plot.Can they keep up the pretense of being engaged, or will it become a real engagement? I’ll never tell. To jump to my full review, click right here.


Spring will be here soon, so while you’re still cooped up indoors, grab a good book and a cup of tea, coffee, or yummy hot chocolate, and curl up in your favorite chair. If you have a comment or a favorite book you would like to share, please feel free to write to me or leave a comment below.







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