The Golfer’s Game Book

This book is different from the novels, biographies, and children’s books I usually review. It is a book of golf side-games that add interest to the game of golf, as well as practice exercises to improve your game. This little book for golfers is now in its 3rd printing, was written by Bridget Logan, the 2008 women’s champion at Glenview Championship Country Club in The Villages, Florida. The book is sophisticated enough for experienced golfers, and is also user-friendly for the novice golfer — like me.

The book is well-written, easy to understand, and has cross-referenced tables for looking up games by differing names. For example, there is Scramble, then there is Florida Scramble, Texas Scramble, Reverse Scramble, 2-Person Scramble, and so on. There is also Garbage, Junk, Goodies, and Trash: all names (also probably regional) for the same game. The Golfer’s Game Book has approximately 250 side-games, and is:

    • conveniently sized for use on the golf course, use at home, and especially for storage in your golf bag;
    • ideal for the everyday golfer as well as tournament coordinators;
    • contains a unique multi-functional game reference chart that:
        • references games alphabetically, by alternative names, and by number of players;
        • provides a quick way to find a game for 3 players when your foursome suddenly becomes a three-some;
        • includes practice games, side bets, and games for any number of players.

          My husband and his neighborhood men’s golf group have used this book for their weekly play, and seemed to enjoy the games. They have returned our copy of the book, but still play side games (and side-bets) each week. This book belongs in your golf bag (the size is perfect), not on your bookshelf.In talking with Logan, I learned that playing a side game allows the novice player to relax and enjoy golf, thus removing the pressure of trying to play well. Having a partner to cheer you on doesn’t hurt, either.

          About the Author:

          Articles about Ms. Logan and her book can be found in Golfweek and a local publication, Lake & Sumter Style; and an interview with her can be heard in an audio podcast by She has written numerous articles on golf, published in magazines such as Golf Fitness, and has  designed a specialized game scorecard with enough space to keep up with the various game points. She shared with me that she is currently working on her second book: Golf Games for Kids and Grandkids. She now lives in central Florida, surrounded by golf courses.

          In the interest of full disclosure, Ms. Logan is my cousin, and I am so proud of her. I recently learned that a local golf-pro has said this book is, “A must for every golfer.” Now that’s high praise.



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