MENy CALCULATIONS, by J. Alfa Mais, was written for men who are going through a divorce, particularly those who want either custody or joint custody of their children. It is based on his experiences and lessons learned when fighting for custody of his own children – and winning.
Rest assured, this is NOT a woman-bashing tome. It is simply a good education in preparedness for men in a society that generally favors women in custody fights. The book is well-written with some great advice. I wish I had had it once upon a time. Hey, women can use this advice, too, you know. I enjoyed reading MENy CALCULATIONS, and I highly recommend it to anyone going through the painful and emotionally draining experience of divorce.

What Makes This Reviewer Grumpy?

  • Referring to people as “that” rather than “who”;
  • verb tense disagreement;
  • plural/singular disagreement;
  • split infinitives;
  • bring vs. take (we bring things herevs. we take things there;
  • who’s vs. whose (“who is” vs. the possessive form of “who”);
  • farther vs. further (distance vs. more of something);
  • missing commas.

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