The Ageless Beauty Grail

Thank you to NetGalley for granting a free digital copy of The Ageless Beauty Grail by Sandra Bloom. It was published Cyprus in 2017. Ms. Bloom was wise to include the disclaimer that the information in this book is not intended to replace your physician’s advice. She wrote the book to share things she has learned her own personal experiences.


The Ageless Beauty Grail has some valuable health-related information, and methods for detoxifying your home. At the same time, it contains some information that is contradictory to established and proven public health recommendations, as well as some claims are not scientifically proven. 


It is poorly written with a lot of grammatical errors, misused and misspelled words. The text lacks consistency, as it frequently switches back and forth between British English and American English. In some places Bloom makes an effort to sound professional, yet in other places she sounds like a teenager on social media, even including the text version of a smiley face. 


What Makes This Book Reviewer Grumpy?

Far too many things to list here. Consequently, as a master’s level public health educator, I cannot recommend this book.



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