The Workplace Writer’s Process

In The Workplace Writer’s Process, Anne H. Janzer has created the perfect solution for those who have to write as part of their jobs. Whether it’s an annual report, a press release, a grant proposal, ad copy, or other types of writing, everyone in the business world must interact with others during the writing process, and will find this book to be a powerful asset.
Janzer has created a step-by-step process for taking us from the initial idea to the finished product. Whether it’s sharing those “Writing Rules That No One Teaches You”, or the “Five Myths That Can Hurt You”, and any of the many more sections, you will find something immensely valuable in The Workplace Writer’s Process. Two tips I found especially important were 1) find an environment that works best for you, and 2) resist the urge to polish your piece while writing the first draft.
She reminds us that we all undervalue our own strengths, while we seem to be under the impression that those same strengths come easily to others. The book is complete with a resources section with checklists and a worksheet. Writer’s everywhere, not just business writers will find this book extremely helpful. I know I did.
What Made This Book Reviewer Grumpy?
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